“I worked so hard on that report,” Bob told me, “but when my boss didn’t like it, he threw it away. I mean, literally, he hurled the papers to one side and they landed on the floor. This never happened to me.”

What do we do if we are of relatively humble rank and means… and we are insulted or misunderstood? Integrity is needed in the heat of this kind of battle. We usually think of it as being scrupulously honest or keeping one’s promises. But to suffer offense without sinking to the level of the offender is part of it, too.


I have three principles. The first may surprise you.

Get as much physical rest as you can. You may be expecting something spiritual like praying or reading your Bible every morning. But usually the most practical advice is the most spiritual. Experience proves that we are most prone to ill temper when we are physically worn out.


So if we remain physically fresh and alert, we have better chance to keep our emotions – and our tongues – in control. Thus, try to get eight hours of good sleep every night. Keep yourself in shape by eating healthy and getting regular exercise.


Be utterly convinced that God will make things right at the end. “What kept me under control,” Bob confessed, “is that when my boss was saying all those things, I know that God was in the room and heard it, too. If I answer back, malaking gulo [it will create a big mess]. I was praying silently, ‘Lord, please be the one to vindicate me.’”


Let us make up our minds that we have a sovereign and just God, then entrust our reputation in His hands. This doesn’t mean we don’t give our side or tolerate grave abuse. The point is that we should not suppose that it is all up to us to justify ourselves, as if God has abandoned us to fend for ourselves.


Repay evil with good. Bob didn’t stop with holding his tongue. Rather than harboring resentment and moping in his cubicle, he remained alert to his boss’ needs and responded readily to new instructions.


What eventually happened to Bob? Well, the horrible boss eventually retired, and Bob got a better boss! What’s more, the new boss gave him new opportunities and he prospered in his career.  Imagine what would have happened had Bob retaliated or quit.


May we be known as people with integrity amidst insult, because we trust God to make it right in the end.  Just you wait and see.


Photo credit from Career Addict

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