Life can have a weird sense of humor.

I started off as having a great job but no girlfriend. I was a love object; I would tell a girl that I love her… and she would object!

Then I had no job and no girlfriend. I poured my anguish through journaling; otherwise I would have gone off the deep end.

Then I had a girlfriend but I still didn’t have a job. How in the world can we ever get married? I simply cannot win!

By God’s grace, I got a job a few months after. I married my girlfriend Lucy Cheng in 2003 and it has been one happy year after another.

Oh, did I tell you that I am now running two factories for a well-known beverage conglomerate?

Life not only has a weird sense of humor; it can be tough, even downright unfair. That’s why no one has to go through life alone

I learned a lot from those lonely and empty years. I wrote them down on my journals. That enabled me to write my first book, Finding Comfort, followed by another one, How to Mend a Broken Heart. Since then, I have written more books and have given talks and workshops.

Listening to Help

Along the way, emails from readers came pouring in. Some were simply heart-breaking:

  • A woman was having a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend for five years… until he decided to call it quits.
  • A fresh graduate asking “Is this all there is? Like, what do I do now?”
  • A woman got pregnant by her boyfriend, who then left her for another girl.
  • A woman struggled with depression after her parents separated.
  • A guy who feels lost in his career, but is afraid of making a mistake in his next step.
  • A man coping with a broken engagement; just a few days before their date with the altar.

​I soon discovered that there are no easy answers. All I can do is to listen, give some pieces of encouragement, and pray that they would find their true solace in a good and loving God.

Life not only has a weird sense of humor; it can be tough, even downright unfair. That’s why no one has to go through life alone. I know; I have been there. I have had my share of darkness; chances are I am 30 years older than you. And yet, here I am, with the advantage of perspective and experience.

I can’t promise you solutions, let alone miracles. But we can journey together on-line and through the books, speeches and workshops I give about relationships, career and spirituality.

You talk. I listen


Why the well?

A well symbolizes refreshment for a parched soul and wisdom for a troubled mind. I hope that this website will be such a well for you. Then, you can be a well for yourself and pay it forward. Most of all, let us all draw from the Well that will never run dry, God Himself.