Is covid wearing us down? Do the nights of worry appear endless? Are our hearts fainting from the latest obituary?


For some reason, God does not spare us from life’s problems, both trivial and tumultuous. But He does provide a place of safety.  This episode from the Gospels tells us where.


It has been a long day. Jesus had been healing the sick among a great multitude which was tailing him and his men. With that finished, Jesus told his disciples to get into a boat and go to the other side of a lake. Then he dismissed the crowd and went to a mountain to pray, all by his lonesome.


Meantime, the disciples’ boat ride was no picnic. They were being battered by fierce winds and waves. They were still somewhere on the lake, in the wee hours of the night, straining with all their strength at the oars, yet not getting anywhere! Their hearts must have frozen at the prospect of the boat capsizing and them drowning in the cold murky waters.


But that wasn’t what terrified the disciples. It was the sight of Jesus walking towards them… walking on water!


“It’s a ghost!” they wailed. Jesus bellowed, “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”


Remember, Jesus was not at the boat, but he was at a mountain, praying. Let us be at rest, assured that he is still praying, this time for you and me.


He is neither blind nor unsympathetic to our plight. Endure in the hope that he will come to our rescue, even if he has to walk on water. He will bring the grace to help in his strong arms. He will never be a minute too early or too late.


Going back to Jesus, most of us know what happened next. Peter dared to walk on the water towards Jesus. But upon seeing the winds, he panicked and began to sink.


Can you imagine Jesus letting him thrash on the water for a while, just to teach him a lesson?


Can you hear Peter screaming between gulps, “Je… blub blub blub!… help m…blub blub blub!”


But our Lord was no sadist. He immediately caught Peter and together they went to the boat. Keep in mind that Jesus’ strong arms were supporting Peter. Despite the fierce winds and waves, as long as Peter was embraced by those strong arms, he was in the safest place of all the universe.


When gushes of doubt and terror assault our hearts, our Lord is there to seize our hands. He will hush the wind and calm the sea. May we soon land at the shore of our heart’s desire.


Just remember, when Jesus was holding Peter on their way back to the boat, Peter was in the safest place of all the universe!


In much the same way, the storm of the pandemic may still be raging.  We may step out in faith but falter. But as we cry out to the Lord and allow Him to carry us through, we can’t be any safer elsewhere. True safety is in the arms of Jesus!


​Photo credit from In His Presence Daily

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