How to be Complete

February 25, 2021


How to be Complete

“You complete me…”


Chances are, you have heard of these three famous words which Tom Cruise uttered in the movie Jerry Maguire.


That’s why many people get married. We dream that our spouse – and later, our children – will satisfy our hearts. But we are rudely awakened when we discover that one can be married, have kids and still be lonely. It does not need to remain this way.


Loneliness springs from frustrated desire. We all yearn to relate to others in a special and intimate way. But our spouses and children are not robots. We cannot simply push a button and have them end our loneliness.


Notice how our problem depends on the decisions and actions of people over whom we really have no control.


One powerful way to break free from the loneliness trap is to focus on what we can do, not on what we want other people to do for us. Instead of demanding to be loved, we give love. Eventually, we will reap what we sow. By taking initiative to cherish and to serve our loved ones, we are cherished and served in return.


But what if one feels so “dried up” in loneliness that to be loving, rather than seeking to be loved, looms like an impossible task?


Have you seen a cup filling itself with water? Of course not. Someone has to pour water into it. Our hearts are just like that. We need someone to pour love into our thirsty, broken hearts. The good news is that there is someone who has an endless supply of love to give.


His name is Jesus. He invites us to give Him our aching hearts that He will fill with His love. Then, like an actual cup held underneath a raging waterfall, our hearts will overflow with His love which in turn will refresh the hearts of our spouse and children.


We need not journey in loneliness. We can count on Jesus to be by our side and, along the way, discover that He can do what Tom Cruise was looking for. He completes us.


​Photo credit from Desiring God

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