When our cherished dreams go unfulfilled, in one sense they have died. This is all the more true in this time of covid. That is why we need to reconnect with Easter.

The wonderful news is that death does not have the final word. Christians worldwide celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that He died, was buried and rose from the dead. In this way, He validated His claims to be the Son of God, Lord and Savior of the world.


Let us embrace the world as it really is, not as how we want it to be. It is great to dream big and set goals. But reality can be so totally different that it breeds frustration, anger, or despair. It sounds like a big gamble, but sometimes we have to let go of cherished dreams before we can discover loftier ones.


I will be honest: it is scary to surrender our failed dreams. Will we be doomed to drift through life? What is in store for us in the future?


Dr. Gordon Smith offers this sage advice: “God will lead us every step of the way, but He leads us one step at a time. God knows the end from the beginning, but we in our finiteness can’t even see what lies around the corner.”


We cook up great dreams for ourselves, but God has far more wonderful dreams for us. Since He is in full control of people and circumstances, we can be sure His goals for us will come true. We must believe this even if, for the meantime, the path is dark and difficult.


Remember, one cannot have Easter without the Cross. Even if our present life is the product of poor choices, God can use even that for our blessing. As long as we entrust ourselves to Him, no failure is final or fatal. In due time, He will redeem even our heartaches and disappointments.


Death could have barred Jesus from being with us in our triumphs and tragedies. But the good news of Easter is that He overcame death so that indeed He can be by our side. Not only in this world, but with God for all eternity. May God open doors of blessing for you, just as He opened the door of a tomb that fateful Sunday.


Photo credit from Father Kevin Eastbrook

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