Soaring High

Soaring High
Your Flight Plan for Your Best Career Ever!

CSM Publishing, September 2018

This is a handy guide for those seeking to improve their careers and renew their passion at work.

Discover the secrets of being hired, moving up, overcoming difficulties, and retiring well.

Each of its 30 chapters begins with a powerful maxim, followed by stories, insights, and tips culled from Nelson Dy’s 30 years of corporate experience.

​Heed them well so you will know what to do and what not to do in building your best career ever.

After all, life is too short to be figuring things out for yourself.

This book gives a second chance chance to those who desire a new heart and passion in their careers. Nelson Dy arms the interested reader with renewed hope as he tells story after story from memorable experiences of his or of those from whom he knew. Depending on your season in life, this book is meant to be read and re-read multiple times—and then, to be shared and passed on to the next generation. It reminds seasoned employees of their passion during their youth at work and at the same time, rekindles that passion in case it is in danger of being lost in the routine and the mundane. It can also touch on your deepest pains, if you reflect carefully, so that you can try and try again, never giving in to excuses or saying that it is too late. At the core of this book, there is always time to correct your career’s direction until you find your purpose behind your work.

- Hazel Natorilla