Finding Comfort



What will it take to start us on the journey towards finding comfort? Nelson refreshes us with dewdrops of comfort from the Bible as it tackles common basic human problems that often make up “the dark night of the soul”: waiting, suffering, unhappiness, bitterness, doubt, even guilt.

In a set of touching vignettes, you will meet a woman trapped in a loveless marriage, a man spending the prime of his life at a desert of self-exile; a powerful man kept from fulfilling his greatest ambition; a bitter criminal at the end of his rope; and more people whom God had met at their individual points of need.

Discover the common ground where they found love, solace, hope, and even honor in the midst of their pain – and find comfort for your own.

I've just finished reading your book "Finding Comfort" and indeed your book became my comforter. After reading your book, I've realized there's more to life than the father of my child because there is God and I know he had planned this right from the start. God bless and thank you for giving me a glimpse of hope that my life would not end in despair. :)

​- D, 23, Single Mother