Your Career Roadmap

How to get the job you want - and love the job you hate!

OMF Literature, 2014

"I'm not happy in my job. Should I leave?" "Resumes ... job interviews ... how do I handle these?" "So much pressure at work--how can I succeed?" You may be a disillusioned employee, an anxious job-hunter, or a worker wondering how to navigate the corporate maze. Whatever the crossroads you find yourself at, let this wise and practical book be your guide. Nelson distills 30 years' worth of hard-earned career lessons in this book--a compilation of the best articles from his popular Sunday column Career Roadmap in The Philippine Star. This book helps you find direction on how to be a winner at work.

If you are a fresh graduate or a young professional seeking sage advice or ways on how to navigate the corporate maze, then this book is for you.​The Career Roadmap offers practical tips and guides on how to stand out in your career journey by achieving excellence and by trusting God that​he will help you and bless you especially on tough moments in your career


Easy to comprehend, full of wisdom and inexpensive. Ideal for job hunters and employees who are in need of practical advice in their career.


I am a fan of yours since that day my best friend lent me one of your books,"Your career Roadmap". It has inspired me in so many ways