Regret no more

Letting Go of Yesterday's Sorrows

OMF Literature, 2016

Nelson explores "REGRET", an emotion that adults become familiar with as they look back or second guess the choices they’ve made and remember missed opportunities in the past. He shows that even Moses, Peter, and Paul, among other men and women in the Bible, also had their own bouts with this malady of the soul. ​And he points out that the same grace and forgiveness given to them by God are still being offered to us today, even as we wrestle with regrets of our own.

Nelson dares to talk about things that others keep in secret... This is a must read. Get a copy for yourself and get another one for a friend. This book could turn out to be the best gift you can ever give. .

-Francis Kong, Author and Speaker

A thought-provoking book that will speak to the hearts of a multitude of people

-Dr. Harold J. Sala Best-selling Author