Ok Boomer Tell me Y

By Hyacinth J. Tagupa and Nelson T. Dy

Are you fed up with your millennial kid who can’t seem to hold on to a job for longer than a year? Or are you that millennial kid who’s fed up with your boomer parents telling you off for all your life choices?

Do you feel like every conversation is a battleground, and there are so many things you wish you could tell each other but you can’t?

Maybe this book can help you start somewhere. Maybe it’s not too late to try.

​Career, marriage, social media, authority, and religion. Five conversational minefields where different generations are concerned. But they don’t have to be. In OK Boomer, Tell Me Y, a boomer and a millennial explore these five facets in a civil dialogue—dissecting the stereotypes that plague each of their generations, not to start a frustrating confrontation, but to discuss and develop a deeper understanding of one another.


"This book... reminds us that our objective should not be to draw the line, but bridge the gap."

Francis J. Kong
Columnist, entrepreneur, father and grandfather

"[OK Boomer, Tell my Y] is a conversation, not a confrontation, thank the Force. Millenials and boomers alike will find their positions well argued."

Rosario A. Garcellano
former opinion editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer and author, Mean Streets: Essays on the Knife