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I've been wallowing in regret for leaving a career I've built to pursue a job that I thought would be more financially rewarding. Everything in your book really helped me put things in perspective , thank you so much. (K)

Your writing about pain, disappointment and hurt is something that I can empathize with. It's almost as if somebody read my thoughts and was able to put into words the sadness I feel. (V)

Very knowledgeable in matters about love and life . It was an honor to know him and meet him… I am very grateful to God that He allowed me to cross paths with Sir Nelson. He is not only a speaker nor a mentor, but also a friend... (M)

Hi, I'm Nelson! Welcome to my site!

I'm a published author, speaker, and trainer. But what I love most is listening to people. It's because I do know that life can be tough, even downright unfair. I have been there.

I can’t promise you solutions, let alone miracles. But we can journey together on-line and through the books, speeches and workshops I give about relationships, career and spirituality.

You talk. I listen.

Writing to Encourage

I've published ten books to date. One of them, The Honeymoon Never Ends , won the 2012 Gintong Aklat Award for the inspirational category. Some of the anthologies I contributed to are: He Says, She Says and What God Says (with Dr. Harold Sala), Legacy: From One Man to Another, and Passion and Power: Pulpit Messages from the Filipino Heart.

I also penned a Sunday column of the Philippine STAR, 'Career Roadmap' for nine strong years, and contributed to periodicals and magazines such as Evangelicals Today, Business Mirror, People’s Journal Tonight, Light Touch, MOMS and FamilyWise.

By Hyacinth J. Tagupa and Nelson T. Dy

Are you fed up with your millennial kid who can’t seem to hold on to a job for longer than a year? Or are you that millennial kid who’s fed up with your boomer parents telling you off for all your life choices?

Do you feel like every conversation is a battleground, and there are so many things you wish you could tell each other but you can’t?

Maybe this book can help you start somewhere. Maybe it’s not too late to try.

​Career, marriage, social media, authority, and religion. Five conversational minefields where different generations are concerned. But they don’t have to be. In OK Boomer, Tell Me Y, a boomer and a millennial explore these five facets in a civil dialogue—dissecting the stereotypes that plague each of their generations, not to start a frustrating confrontation, but to discuss and develop a deeper understanding of one another.

"This book... reminds us that our objective should not be
to draw the line, but bridge the gap."

Francis J. Kong
Columnist, entrepreneur, father and grandfather

A practical book that will help you discover yourself, find happiness in what you do, and make a lasting difference to your life and others.

-Katrina Letargo CEO, Moozen Core Consulting, Inc.



Genre: Inspirational |

Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc. |


Genre: Inspirational |

Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc. |


Do you often find yourself asking, “Is this all there is?” Or do you ever get that feeling that most of your peers already have everything figured out, while you’re still clueless as ever about what to do with your life? This book is for you.

This is my latest book with Anvil Publishing and is available in National Bookstore. Released in September 2019, you can purchase a copy for you or for your friends, or buy an e-Book version too.

How to mend Broken Heart

"I chanced upon your book at a time I am experiencing the darkest and loneliest time of my life.

As I read through the pages of your book, I felt like you were speaking directly to me while looking into my eyes... ​Thank you for allowing yourself to be an instrument of God's love and mercy to minister to millions of people like me."-K

Soaring High

"A no-nonsense book and a must-have for any working employee. This book gives a second chance to those who desire a new heart and passion in their careers.

Nelson Dy arms the interested reader with renewed hope as he tells story after story from memorable experiences of his or of those from whom he knew."

- Hazel Natorilla

The honeymoon Never Ends

"Nelson very realistically confronts the greatest monster that couples face - selfishness, the founding member of the AMYF Club (After Me You are First).

​Nelson lays open his soul, telling you of his struggles with his old nature and how he learned the key to having a marriage where the honeymoon never ends!"

- Harold J. Sala, Ph.D.

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