Honeymoon Never Ends

The Honeymoon Never Ends
Secrets to Deeper Intimacy and Passion in Marriage

OMF Literature, 2010

What's the secret to a blissful marriage?

A lot of "I Do's" can start like a fairy tale but end up sour two or three years later. In this book, Nelson shares how two people can make everyday a honeymoon, until they grow old and gray!

Nelson invites married ones—husbands, especially—to relive the intimacy and passion of their honeymoon. And to learn to make it a way of life. How? While many experts on marital intimacy suggest that it all starts in the bedroom, Nelson tells couples, “Begin with a Romantic God.”

This book is a recipient of the 2012 Gintong Aklat (Golden Book) Award, Inspirational Category, from the Book Development Association of the Philippines.

As the one who added this book on Goodreads, I feel good that I can honestly give it a 5! This is a must-read for my wife and all other married couples who desire deeper relationship with their spouse and most importantly with God. I pray our honeymoon never ends!

- Earl

In his book The Honeymoon Never Ends, Nelson Dy very realistically confronts the greatest monster that married couples face — selfishness, the founding member of the AMYF Club (Haven’t heard of this one? It’s “After Me You are First”). Nelson lays open his soul, telling you of his struggles with his old nature and how he learned the key to having a marriage where the honeymoon never ends.

- Dr. Harold J. Sala