Back in February 2019, a reverse-mentor L&D friend generously shared with me her time over drinks and snacks at Pancake House.

My retirement was three years away and my mantra was “dig your well before you are thirsty.” I fell in love with giving talks and facilitating workshops, but didn’t have a clue how to get started in the industry. Freelancing was an alien concept for me.

She gave me what I counted as revolutionary advice at the time, “Look for training partners.”

Fast forward to 2023. I am so grateful for partners who trusted me to train and coach their clients. Actually, they found me; I didn’t hunt them down and asked them to give me a break. A happy serendipity? No, God has opened doors. But were it not for my friend’s advice, I wouldn’t recognize them as opportunity knocking.

The Center for Global Best Practices, under the skilled leadership of Henry Belleza Aquende, MBM, Hon. DPA, appointed me as its course director and master trainer for PSDM. It didn’t feel like work, because PSDM is one of my passion subjects. My favorite was running a four-part series for the department heads and professors in the Philippine Military Academy. Yes, that PMA.

Meantime, my partnership with LJMB Training started when I guested in Master Louie Banta‘s podcast. After that one thing led to two others, I am so honored to be tapped to coach some of their clients.

It helped that last June, I was certified as a professional transformative coach by the Singapore-based Coach Masters Academy. One of my 2024 goals is to be certified by ICF at ACC level next year. Wahoo!

God willing, a third major collaboration will materialize next year. No, I’m not telling. I don’t want to count my chickens before they are hatched.

Also, I had the privilege of giving corporate talks on topics such as purpose, satisfaction, and core values. Toastmasters training has paid off big time!

Wait, there’s more! There’s the surprise of being voted again as one of the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn for 2023. Kudos to VB Consulting, Bless Baluyot and the rest of the hardworking organizers. I look forward to knowing more experts and making new friends.

I’m so glad to have joined Philippine Society for Talent Development and BFJ Corporate Education where I meet people who are incredibly generous in sharing what they know. Saves me a lot of mistakes and heartaches.

All these won’t be possible without the steadfast support of my darling wife Lucy. When I was grappling with imposter syndrome, she’s always the one to infuse fresh optimism into my spirit.

One last thing. If you are training service provider, I invite you to ponder: what learning do you see your clients need which you don’t have the module for, but I can create and deliver one for you? If you have an idea, drop me a PM and let’s collaborate!

Thank you to all who have been a precious part of my journey. May the Lord establish all the works of your hands in 2024!

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